What Makes a Meal

http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/File:Spaghetti-with-tomato-sauce.jpgItalian Cuisine 

I feel connected to the Italian cuisine because i am Italian and i have grown up eating it for all my life so i have become pretty accustomed to it. One of my favourite dishes is spaghetti and is it known as one of the most popular dishes in the Italian cuisine. But who does not enjoy a nice plate of spaghetti?


Not only is it delicious its my favourite because my grandmothers made it for years and back when i was younger it was the best feeling knowing that we were going over to have it. Having that dish that the whole family enjoys and has been in the family for years makes it so much better.


Becoming a chef is perfect for this as well because i feel like i can attempt to make spaghetti for my family just the way my grandmother makes it and try and make her proud and continue to spread this dish for generations to come.





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