Beer Making Kit

This innovating product is a beer making product. It started in Brooklyn but as of late its becoming very popular due to it being less then a square foot which is very handy for people living in apartments and smaller areas. It was started by Erica Shea and Stephen Valand. They have been featured in many big names such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Regis and Kelly. There main goal was to teach everyone how simple it is to make beer and make it fun and exciting with the kit. The fact that its really small is also beneficial because it allows anyone to keep in where they like.

It would fall under the category of a process because in order to brew it you have to heat up some water, followed by adding in your grain and mixing it around like making oatmeal, after that, you have to get a strainer and pour in your grain mixture, add some hops which are little bitter things which make have some flavour and preserve for 3 days before using.

It is important because not only has beer been around for thousands of years now and all of the ingredients are fresh and when  you invite people over you can tell them that the beer was brewed by yourself and you can even introduce them to the beer making kit.

It has not affected me at all because i just recently turned 19 but i thought that this was really cool and something that i would look into doing in the future because i really like the concept of creating your own beer and having it all with fresh ingredients.gkchb-unbox-on-white.jpggkace.jpg




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